Service Scope

  • To consult clients by considering their investment goals, alternatives, resources,constraints and the timing of such related activities.
  • To advise zoning boards, courts, and planners on the probable effects of proposed actions.
  • To determine supply and demand of domestic real estate market.
  • Commercial property agency services.


Transferring of Ownershop Financing and credit-auditing
  • To help prospective buyers setting offering prices
  • To help prospective sellers determining acceptable selling prices
  • To establish a basis for real property exchanges
  • To establish a basis for reorganizing or merging of the ownership of strata-title properties
  • To determine the terms of a certain sale price for a proposed transaction
  • To provide investors with a sound basis for decisions on assets allocation, including purchase of real estate mortgages, bonds, or other types of securities
  • To establish a basis for a decision to insure or to underwrite a loan on real estate property
  • To provide reasonable market prices, forced sale prices and auction prices of a pool of real estate for banks, AMCs and FASC for their references
Litigation Investment Consultation
  • To estimate the market value of a property as a whole, before a taking
  • To estimate the market value of the remainder after a taking
  • To estimate the damages of a property created by a taking
  • To estimate the market value of a property under contract disputes
  • To set rent schedule and lease provisions
  • To determine the feasibility of a construction project or a renovation program
  • To estimate liquidation value for forced sale or auction proceedings
  • To estimate the market value of real estate as part of a portfolio
Commercial property agency services
  • Office Sales and Leasing
  • Retail Sales and Leasing
  • Industrial/ Logistic property Sales and Leasing
  • Land/Site Sales
  • Hotel Disposition and Acquisition